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Default Re: The Zack Snyder Validation Thread (big rant)

Originally Posted by The Endless View Post
With the best action movies the action itself isn't the main point of the scene. Action should be driven by the characters or the story.

The tracking shot in Avengers. Yea it looks cool, but the really great part about it is seeing all these characters finally working in total harmony. The part with Thor and Hulk fighting next to each other, whilst earlier on in the film they are fighting against each other, in particular is a perfect example of this. Then it's capped off my a hilarious moment where Hulk punches Thor. But again, that moment is driven by character. We understand the perspective of Hulk there. He's basically saying "Nice job goldilocks but Hulk still strongest one there is!"

And the climax of Aliens has been mentioned. The Ripley vs Queen fight isn't just cool to look at, it's driven by the characters. It's basically two mothers against each other. Ripley killed the Queens "children" and the Queen (aliens in general) are responsible for Ripley losing her daughter.

The climax of Man of Steel where Kal and Zod are fighting... it's just two CGI characters punching each other around a CGI city. By that point i couldn't really care. The fight had no personality or character moments really. It looked ****ing awesome though.
Haven't logged in for a week but this just made me. Am i the only one who sees a blatant double standard here. The exact same thing could be said about the Avengers fight or the GTOG scenes, which were also nothing but 'cgi'. I love how people want to watch amazing things but act as if CGI is some kind of unnecessary addition or curse and that all these movies should be made with real effects. Also when people want to bash a film the default argument is there's too much CGI, what??

The entire IM series has been CGI characters punching each other btw.

And let me just say that MOS had it's flaws, for me it was just the handling of the end fight and the scenes after that, but the only thing I have a problem with is what's missing and not what's already there. The CGI in MOS is some of the best I've seen since Hulk in avengers.

And as easy as it was for you to see character in those movies you stated, equally easy it is for me to say that even MOS's fights had a lot of gravity or character depth and meaning behind them.

Here we see a man who has just found out about his heritage as an alien and the extent of his powers and decides by himself to sacrifice his life for a world that is not his and that he has never truly been a part of.

I can see the strength of character when he has to go up against multiples of his own people who he judges by their actions and not their origin and does not give up even after being overpowered not only by them but their technology. It's as good as a normal man fighting for what is right with his bare hands against a full army.

I can see a man becoming a Superman when he has to fight his own physical weakness and when his strength of will allows him to over come all odds and take down the World Engine.

I see a Superman who makes his decision to save Earth no matter how difficult it is for him since he is the only one with with the power to do so, him being the only one standing between the Earth and total annihilation of it and all its life.

I see a Superman willing to work with his adopted people, the ones he adopted and the ones who were trying to kill him earlier, all the while saving as many as he could. I saw him have not an ounce of hate towards any human who unknowingly attacked or feared him.

I see a hero, who is willing to sacrifice the only chance of him not being alone in the universe for the greater good of all people (the weak race of his adopted planet), people whom he could as easily have enslaved or destroyed as Zod could.

I see a man coming to terms with the reality of life, that some things must be done when there is no other option left, one must sacrifice their own psychological strength for the greater good. Superman had to stop Zod not because Zod was about to kill that family but because if he didn't, Zod would kill every last human on the planet after he killed Superman. Even here, Superman had no regard for his own life but he knew he was the only one who could stop Zod, only his hands and his actions could save humanity and there was no other way.

I hardly saw this much 'depth' in any character in either GOTG or Avengers. Not to start a Marvel Vs DC fight but that's how I saw it. It's easy for one to skim over the substance and say there is none. So maybe people should take another look before saying it was just another CGI fest.

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