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Default Re: Loki spinoff - Yea or Nay?

For the past few weeks, I’ve had a one-hour commute each way to work, so I’ve had a lot of time to think about this! I decided that what I’d love instead of a Loki spin-off is a mini-series called:

Tales of Asgard

It would take place between the current MCU and Thor 3, with Loki and Sif having equal-sized leading roles, with a lot of inspiration coming from the 4-issue Loki comic, which explores what would happen if he actually got his wish to rule Asgard (hint: he’s not a great ruler…). It could be an 8 episode mid-season filler for AOS a la Agent Carter, if that model proves successful, and air the winter before a Thor 3 early summer release.

Sets and establishing shots of Asgard can be re-used from previous Thor films, and any sort of SFX budget could be kept to around ABC’s Once Upon a Time level. Serious casting for new roles in Thor 3 can be creatively worked around (like Skurge can wear his full-face helmet until the actual film), except for one or two key roles (like Amora).

I haven’t sketched out each episode, but Episode 1 would be something like this:

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
The first episode begins with “Odin” dedicating a memorial statue/shrine to Frigga, in an opulent ceremony. After the ceremony, Odin returns to his chambers and looks at himself in a mirror, in which the audience sees that it is really Loki. For the rest of the series, we only see Hiddleston’s Loki, but understand that the rest of the characters are seeing Odin.

Loki has Lorelei imprisoned, and tells her that although her ability to make men think they are in love with her is impressive, he wants Lorelei to lead him to her sister: a true enchantress, who could enslave a whole population if given the right opportunity, and whose magical prowess is amongst the greatest in the nine realms. Lorelei reveals that her sister Amora is being held captive as well, heavily guarded by the Valkyrior in Nornheim.

Meanwhile, we see Sif and the Warriors Three returning from a mission in another realm. They are at the pub we saw in TDW. Sif notes how Odin has kept them so busy since Thor left that they have barely been in Asgard at all. Fandral replies that perhaps Sif doesn’t mind being sent on mission after mission, because it takes her mind off a certain someone and his mortal lover. Volstagg states that the tone in Asgard and other realms seems to have shifted lately. He has been on diplomatic missions and has noticed a strain in “international” relations as of late. Hogun speculates that Odin just isn’t the same since losing Frigga. As the quartet departs, we follow Sif down an Asgardian street and inside her dwelling, which is sparsely decorated except for trophies of war. This is our first time seeing Sif, defenses down, on a personal scale.

The next day, we find Loki on the throne overseeing the day-to-day matters of the crown. Loki is clearly bored by the tedium of ruling, and his advisors are surprised at “Odin’s” newfound lack of patience with this minutia. When a member of the court returns with news of the recently quashed restlessness (as seen in TDW) once again arising across the 9 realms (in addition to name dropping several realms, threatening activities from Muspelheim are mentioned), Loki shows his extreme frustration and dismisses all present without suggesting any sort of resolution. As the throne room empties, Sif arrives. Loki had summoned her earlier. He allows her to approach and tells her he must send her on yet another important mission: to rescue an Asgardian POW from Nornheim (with a surprise in store for Sif in a few episodes when she finally liberates the prisoner, only to discover that she has just sprung Amora the Enchantress!).

And that would be the first episode. In the rest of the season, Sif would begin questioning “Odin” based on his decisions (like breaking into their ally’s prisons, and freeing the villainous Amora, among other things), and she would become concerned as she saw Asgard descend into a dystopia. Concurrently, the series would follow Loki as he gets exactly what he’s always wanted: rule of Asgard. We’d see that he is a cruel and petty king, who is childish when he does not get his way and even worse when he does. Instead of fair play and diplomacy, Loki relies on sorcery, fear, and brute force (we’d see Skurge the Executioner recruited to his side along with Amora). By the end of the series (ending on a cliff hanger), Asgard would basically be enslaved to Loki through Amora’s powers; the Warriors Three would be exiled; Sif would begin allying herself with Nornheim before leaving for Earth to bring Thor back home; and Muspelheim’s presence would be repeatedly foreshadowed as a looming threat.

This would all lead directly into my ideal Thor 3 plot.

It would be a long shot for something like this to happen (especially something that so specifically ties in to my Thor 3), but in fanboy dreamland, I think this would be pretty cool. What do you guys think?

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