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Default Re: The Amazing Spider-Man 3 General Discussion - Part 2


-Have Spider-Man have a new costume,the black symbiote costume,but it's not the symbiote,it just looks like it.

-Have a new villain (Kraven) show up out of nowhere to face Spider-Man.

-Spider-Man is defeated by Kraven,Kraven uses a dart drugged with poison to knock Spider-Man out.Then Kraven buries Spider-Man alive.

-Kraven takes Spider-Man's black costume and pretends to be Spider-Man to prove he is a better Spider-Man than the original Spider-Man.

-Kraven as the black Spider-Man takes out the mob and other criminals,and even kills them to make Spider-Man into a murderer.

-Peter Parker wakes up and digs out of his grave.

-Peter puts on his original red/blue costume as he faces his new world.

-Spider-Man has the mob after him now because they think he killed Kingpin's son.

-Kraven uses a drug on Spider-Man in there next fight to make Spider-Man hallucinate.It makes Spider-Man see Kraven in the black costume as a monster known as Venom.

Marvel's SM1:Kraven/Venom

Cast Joe Manganiello for Kraven the Hunter!
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