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Default Re: Batman: Arkham Knight - Part 10

Originally Posted by LEVITIKUZ View Post
Knightfall Protocol made perfect sense to me.

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
Alfred: Sir, I really don't understand why we have to do this?
Batman: Do you not realize how much property damage I caused tonight alone? Not to mention the estimated trillions in civil lawsuits I'll have against me within the week.
Alfred: But sir.
Batman: And what will I have to pay for them when Wayne Enterprises are audited to find the cash flow used to pay for my Bat-stuff, how'll Lucius explain that to our stockholders? How will I explain to the IRS I've left a well-funded underground militia off my tax records for the last 20+ years?
Alfred: You mean you're not concerned for your friends or family?
Batman: You mean all the people who are either dead or getting kidnapped anyway?
Alfred: Fair point sir.
Batman: Trust me, faking our deaths is the only I can avoid being accountable for my actions.
Alfred: How noble.
Thank YOU! This actually makes sense!
I'm having trouble with the whole
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
identity reveal thing. For me, it was forced, just because Rocksteady wanted to end the trilogy.

Considering Batman is a master of stealth and escapology, I can't believe he surrenders (even his identity) to a Scarecrow who is alone and outnumbered by his 'hostages': Robin (who's also trained by Batman) and Gordon, who's pretty experienced himself.

Moreover, Batman is also a mastermind, and I can't believe he did not consider all of the consequences that Levitikus mentions and a lot more that come with his identity revealed; his company (an important instrument to help Gotham) would get in serious trouble, and let's face it, any journalist or person with common sense would deduce the identity of his allies, I mean, Dick and/or Tim are his surrogates sons. Even if he fakes his death, he leaves them exposed. Even with Scarecrow defeated, I can't shake the feeling that he won by exposing Bruce, all the super villains that were captured, people who don't like Bruce/Batman, can eventually escape, take revenge on Wayne's closer ones, Wayne Foundation, anything that is related to him; but then, I suppose the final scene tries to explain that he will appear even as a nightmare/demon to save the day.

IMO, it was a bad written ending starting with the identity reveal, but I try not to think about it and enjoy.
As someone said earlier, perhaps the game would have been perfect if WB Montreal wrote the story and Rocksteady developed the gameplay.

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