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Originally posted by Adenjo
My eldest (6) watches Dragon ball.. or Dragonballz..or whatever it's called...
He thinks it's cool.. All I see is VERY bad animation, dodgy female characters with the faces of young girls but with HUGE tits (in todays present climate.. something i'm seriously unsure about)
In short Dragon ball..... Tom and Jerry it aint

Now.. The new He-man cartoons.. They rock!
I prefer the old ones better. At least they have the entetaining cheese factor. In short, I hate the new cartoons based upon popular 80's cartoons like Armada and the new MOTU. Oh and just a note of Trivia here, the same animation company behind the G1 Transformers cartoons also animated Dragonball and DBZ. I'm not too sure about Dragonball GT. So don't go insulting Toei or I will have to get angry and stomp your city flat.

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