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Originally posted by Adenjo
The new He man is far superior to the MOTU... Storywise and animation wise....
No longer is Prince Adam simply Heman in a pink outfit.. Now Adam and He man are different (physically) characters...
Heman now has a half decent explaination as to why he exists..As do the sorceress and Castle Greyskull.

Dragonball however.. Is still a very badly put together toon.. A statement I could never take back.

ps I'm way too old to still be watching cartoons... I really should get a life
You just don't understand. The 80's MOTU was entertaining because of its cheesiness. It was all just a 30 minute toy commercial. That's why I have to roll my eyes when they treat MOTU as a serious kind of thing. There's no sense of fun there.

How is DBZ badly put together? Compared to mind numbing dreck like Yu-Gi-Oh (Which is nothing more than two characters playing a freaking card game!) and Beyblades (*sarcasm* Oooh! Spinning Tops colliding with each other is so entertaining. *sarcasm*) the Dragonball series of cartoons are brilliant. At least the DRagonball characters are actually doing something that makes sense compared to animated card games and spinning tops battling each other.

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