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Default Re: Batman V Superman Box Office Prediction - - - - Part 13

I want to put this BvS is a BOX OFFICE success/failure argument to rest.

Millions and billions of dollars are such vast quantities for us mere proletarians to fathom lol so an analogy if you will:

Let's say you are an aspiring fisherman. And you NEED $160 for a fishing rod to start your business. You only have $80 so you give it to me and tell me to double your money at the casino.

I tell you that at the start of the night I made a killing. But as the night wore on, I started to lose more games.

Remember, you NEED $160.

I hand you back a grand total of $85.

Yes, but barely.
Is this what you needed?

Warner Bros. entrusted $400 million to Zack Snyder to help kickstart their DCEU (not including MOS).

They are on track to making only $50 million in profit ($850 million)

(When movies are released, on average, the studios are only taking back 50% of what they gross.)

Ideally, a studio would like to make as much as they invested or at minimum, half as much as they invested (the production and marketing budgets) ON TOP of what they invested.

So $400M IN,
need to make double to make par so $800M,
WB was probably aiming for

$1.2 billion

$1 billion would be the minimum they would settle for in order to justify their investment.

Anything less isn't going to cut it (which is where they are headed) so it's going to be very interesting as to how much cash WB is willing to potentially burn in the next few weeks/months.

In comparison,

Marvel has done the equivalent of you handing me $2000 and you NEED to end up with at least $3000, but prefer $4000 back. I invested it in the stock market and bought Netflix shares.

I hand you back $4500.

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