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Originally posted by TheBatman1979
Two things. One, Superman can crush Goku with his pinky finger.
Two, Dragonball is lame. Watch real anime like Samuri X, Ninja Scroll, Vampire Hunter D*1&2*, Azumi, Ghost in the Shell, Wicked City, Gundam, M D Geist ect ect ect.

Man you're insane, Superman is no match for Goku, Goku can lay waste to an entire planet. Goku has incrediable fighting skills, while Supes relays on his power and invulnerablity more so then fighting skills. Don't get me wrong, Supes is my favorite, but block out the some of the cheesey and silly elements of DBZ, and look at Goku is terms of fighting and power, and you should know that Supes is going down.

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