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Originally posted by TheBatman1979
Two things. One, Superman can crush Goku with his pinky finger.
Two, Dragonball is lame. Watch real anime like Samuri X, Ninja Scroll, Vampire Hunter D*1&2*, Azumi, Ghost in the Shell, Wicked City, Gundam, M D Geist ect ect ect.
Um......I hate to tell you but 99.9% of those anime are geered for adults which is quite unfair to the brilliant Teen geered epic that is Dragonball Z. I mean would you show a film like Akira to a kid of 11? If you do than I seriously question your values for screwing up a child's head. If you want to go with bragging rights as to what is the most brilliant Anime ever, Spirited Away kicks all their asses. You tell me what Anime has an Oscar for best animated picture.

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