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Default Re: The SHH Member's Spoilery Thor: Ragnarok Review Thread (**WARNING: SPOILERS**)

Better late than never, but here is my review:

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

When Thor: Ragnarok was officially added to the slate, I think we all pictured the same movie. Something more in line with the tone of an epic like Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings with a little of Marvel's flair and so on. Never did I think I was going to get by far the most zany and bonkers film Marvel has ever done, something that would put the wackiness of either Guardians of the Galaxy movie to shame. But, upon seeing the movie, I am so happy this is the movie we got. Thor: Ragnarok is a hilarious romp, but one that was not afraid to go dark places on occasion nor to go grand places.

One of the biggest issues Thor: The Dark World had was when the movie is about Loki, it was awesome, but when it was about Thor, it was just okay. Loki stole the movie so bad, it totally overshadowed the rest of the film. Another was the fact it seemed like just an average Thor adventure, which when you get 3 films and are probably done, seems wasteful. Luckily, Thor: Ragnarok felt like Thor's movie, and a Thor movie that needed told. We don't see bored performances or much meandering. We get Chris Hemmsworth in his best performance as Thor, a wonderful new twist on the Hulk that doesn't overshadow the movie, and gloriously over the top performances from Jeff Goldblum and Cate Blanchette. This is not even factoring in new characters like Skurge, Korg, or Valkyrie who also are very likable. This movie just has so much flavor, it is fattening!

Most of the credit I give to director Taika Waititi. The Thor franchise is the oddest trilogy, given each film was directed by a different person and the tone of each film is vastly different. While Thor and Thor: The Dark World certainly succeeded and failed on a few fronts they were striving for, Thor: Ragnarok ticks every single checkbox it strives for. Give Thor more defined personality and make him cool, like Captain America: The Winter Soldier did for Steve Rogers? Check. Be a fun movie? Check. Be a character driven movie that also advances the plot quickly and poignantly? Check. Give us a villain more interesting than Malekith? Check. Expand the scope of the Thor franchise beyond Earth and Asgard? Check. Thor: Ragnarok seemingly tries to be a simple fun movie, but it actually fits in a ton of story and character without you realizing it, and all the credit goes to the amazing way Waititi paces and directs the film. One moment, you will be dying of laughter, and then on a dime, the movie will do something unexpected and raise the stakes. While I am sure the filming on this was loose and improved heavily, Waititi never loses sight of the plot or how the characters need developed. Simply put, he knocked it out of the park.

One of my all-time favorite films is Flash Gordon from the 80s. That movie is just a fun romp through space I can throw on anytime. Thor: Ragnarok is like a superhero version of that, and as the saying goes, they just don't make them like that anymore. I may not have known this was the Thor film I wanted, but it was the Thor film I wanted. I firmly would say this is my 4th favorite MCU film as of the time of this review, and it earns my crown for favorite superhero film of the year. Logan may be the best movie, but Thor: Ragnarok is just so darn fun I can watch it anytime and have a blast! I honestly don't have many negatives. Yeah, the effects are not always great, but the beauty of having a good story and great characters is I just don't care as much about those things if I am invested. Great film, and highly anticipate seeing how they build on this. If this is the end of the Thor series, it joins Captain America: Civil War as third entries that bucked the third movie trend in comic book films.

Overall Rating - 5/5

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