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Default Re: Black Panther User Review Thread - Tag Spoilers

Here is my review:

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

Coming into Black Panther when the project was announced, I was both excited and nervous. I was excited because T'Challa is one of the finest characters Marvel has and one of the remaining Avengers characters worthy of his own film series. But, I had some reservation because of some pitfalls the project could have had. I didn't not want to see the version like in Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes where T'Challa is always talking about how they need to do away with their savage ways and be more like the West. For me, it's an offensive way to see the character as it is kind of insulting African culture. I didn't want to see that. But, Ryan Coogler and Marvel not only avoid such problems, they turn them on their head. Black Panther is perhaps the most socially relevant film the MCU has made.

Much of the credit for the film goes to Ryan Coogler. He is quickly proving to be one of the most talented filmmakers working today. I had seen that with this film, he wanted to make something truly African, and he succeeded in spades. Coogler pays much attention to detail with the costume design, the film score, the accents, etc. Wakanda feels real. Coogler also does not avoid asking hard questions. One thing I see much complaint about with the MCU is the amount of fluff and lack of substance or bite. I don't agree with that, but even the most stubborn critic will be hard pressed to level this against Black Panther. This film shows us a country that is more advanced than any other, and asks the question of how they can sit by and allow others to suffer when they can do something about it? I like this approach to the story. Instead of Wakanda needing to be more like Western civilization, we're seeing how the world needs to be more like Wakanda. This was the right approach and a much better thing for T'Challa to struggle with.

The MVP of the movie though has to be Erik Killmonger. For all the flack the MCU gets for its "villain problem" the MCU lately has just been crushing it on this front in phase 3 overall. But, Killmonger may be the best single film villain that the Studio has produced. Much like Loki, we can see why Killmonger is angry at Wakanda, and the world in general, and much of what he is saying you absolutely agree with. The best villains in film always have a point-of-view the audience can understand, and often times see merit in. It doesn't hurt that Michael B. Jordan gives the best performance in any film I have seen him in, as well. While I still give the nod to Loki for his lasting impact on the MCU and how we have seen him evolve, Killmonger I do feel has the single best appearance in a villain role to date.

As for faults with the film, I had really only 2. First, the CG in this film is not fabulous. It's not unprofessional looking like Justice League, but you absolutely can tell what is CG and what is real in this film without any real issue. I don't think it ever reaches the point it takes you completely out of the movie, but a couple points in the movie almost made me pause. The second would be the first 45 minutes of the film is very much world building and the actual plot doesn't really get going. Once the plot gets going, the film gets fantastic really fast and stays there, though. I get the slow burn being required to suck you into Wakanda, but it comes close to feeling slow.

In the end, Black Panther was an important film. It had the opportunity to be the voice for a culture that Hollywood often times does not recognize enough, and it forces you to ask yourself hard questions. Black Panther and Captain America: The Winter Soldier are probably the "smartest" and most serious in tone films the MCU has made to date. But, it also does not forget it is a superhero fantasy film, either. All parties involved nailed T'Challa, I cannot wait to see this new franchise grow. Phase 3 of the MCU has so far yielded the best collection of films, and Black Panther continues this trend.

Overall Rating - 5/5

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