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Default Re: Avengers: Infinity War SPOILER User Review Thread

Read at your own peril!!! There be spoilers!!!

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

HOW CAN YOU LEAVE ME ON THAT?!? Seriously Marvel, you are cruel and you SUCK!!!!

But in all seriousness, this is what a movie event should be. This movie gets you from the very first moment it comes on, and it never lets up. Outside of Mad Max: Fury Road, I have never seen a movie just crank itself to 10 so quickly and stay there the whole movie!!!! I know I can never cover everybody in this review individually, so I am going to talk about the movie as a whole. It also helps that the movie cranked up to 10 is an amazing film.

Infinity War was designed to be the first part of something that would bring the MCU full circle, and the man who has been teased and we all have been waiting for since we first saw him in The Avengers was the Mad Titan himself, Thanos. For this film to work, Thanos had to be menacing and be a three-dimensional villain. I have never been as hard on the MCU "villain problem" as many people, but I do see what people mean: the villains tend to come secondary in MCU films, though recent history has changed that. Much to the credit of the Russos, Thanos I think not only is in the conversation for best MCU villain, I think he wins it. I don't think Thanos was as deep a character as Loki overall, but Thanos is a deep character with sympathetic motivations in his own right. But Loki was never a villain who struck fear into the audience, Thanos does. Every scene Thanos is in feels like something bad can happen to someone we love (and it often does in the film). Thanos is the complete package. He's smart, ruthless, powerfull, skilled,and interesting. This movie entirely hinges on him, and he delivers. Thanos has always been a top 3 favorite villain of mine, so this brings me joy. Bravo to Josh Brolin and the Russos for bringing the Mad Titan to life. Jim Starlin should be proud.

When it comes to the heroes, everyone gets a moment to shine in the movie. I am amazed at how evenly distributed the screen time is. The Russos said Thor had probably more than everyone else, but it felt more even to me than that. If they say it, it probably is true, but the fact I didn't feel it shows mission accomplished. Outside of Thanos, I do think Thor steals the show in regards to the heroes. His badassery in this knows no bounds. It's just a well done effort all around.

Now I want to get into a minor nitpick. Previously mentioned, Thor sort of steals the movie. Thor is also one of the few characters in the movie who gets to have some character moments outside of preparing for the next battle. This movie has many characters, but few arcs. It is very spectacle driven. In the end, I think that is what the movie needed to be given the gigantic cast it had, but I am hoping Avengers 4 goes a little in the opposite direction to even things out.

I also want to get into everyone's favorite topic: the deaths. First off, I am going to say I told you that none of the big 4 are going to die! This movie largely picked the right deaths. Gamora's death scene hurt and I felt that scene's emotional impact. Very well done. Same thing I think can be said for both Vision's and Loki's deaths (though they were predictable). But the half of the universe they decided to erase for the time being is where I think it was a master stroke. These two films are supposed to be handing off the franchise to the next generations of heroes, but at its heart, it should be a story about The Avengers. By erasing all the new characters for the time being, I think it allows Avengers 4 to put a greater focus on the original Avengers, making it easier to wrap up all their plot lines and give them a proper send-off/conclusion (whatever those end up being). Master class writing, IMO. I know it is old hat to say this, but Marvel really understands the story they're telling and they show me this at every turn.

All in all, I cannot say this is the MCU's best movie. While this movie is sold as being a complete film and Avengers 4 will be its own thing, I ultimately don't think that is true. This film leaves you on a major cliffhanger and longing for the next part. It makes the ending hurt, and that is wonderful. But on the other hand, it doesn't feel like the story is complete to me. The Avengers was a complete movie that set-up future ones. The ending to this I feel is more equal to Voldemort finding the Elder Wand rather than it being the ending of The Empire Strikes Back. I would currently place this film at number 2 in my MCU rankings (dethroning Captain America: Civil War), but I think once Avengers 4 is out and we see the complete story, I think it is possible the combined Infinity War/Avengers 4 story potentially could dethrone The Avengers. If Avengers 4 fumbles, no doubt it will leave a bitter taste on future rewatches of Infinity War. But, if Avengers 4 nails the next part of this story like Infinity War nails part 1, then I think Marvel Studios will have a saga that rivals the great epics like The Lord of the Rings.

Overall Rating - 5/5, Without hesitation! I don't know how I am going to wait another year for Avengers 4! I have long said Infinity War didn't quite rival The Avengers in hype for me, but if it is amazing then Avengers 4 could. Well...Avengers 4 right about now IS rivaling it!

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