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Default Re: Avengers: Infinity War SPOILER User Review Thread - Part 1

Saw this last night in glorious IMAX 3D. Now where do I begin?

First off, this movie was no easy task from a storytelling perspective given all the characters the Russos and the writers were tasked with incorporating. The wisest choice they ever made was to essentially section them off to different groups before the big meetup in Wakanda.

Thanos. This is definitely his movie. Most of the CGI work for him was some of the best I've ever seen. The guy is definitely up there as one of the greatest villains of all time IMO.

The Guardians. I have not been a big fan of either of the two previous GOTG films, but I actually found myself liking the characters quite a bit here. Drax was hysterical and the emotional weight brought to Star-Lord and Gamora was much needed for this group. Looking back on it the GOTG films did not do enough to play on the Thanos relationship in order for it to pay off bigger here. Thanos love for Gamora and inevitable sacrifice is hard to completely accept without having witnessed it previously. Alas, Zoe Saldana (who always seemed flat to me in the other movies) upped her game - especially with those tears.

The Avengers. Was actually shocked we never got to see the Hulk and at times relied too much on Banner to deliver the Thanos story. Thor definitely gets an interesting arc here and quite clearly the most emotional he has been. His meeting with the Guardians was a mixed bag - at times I felt the Russos let them riff too much like Taika did with Ragnarok. Some of the lines hit and the others were better off spread on crackers. When he lodges Stormbreaker into the middle of the chest of the gauntlet wielding Thanos and reminded him he'd die for his actions reinforced the power of this God. I wish we could have seen more of him on the battlefield though.

The Avengers again. I felt they should have played up more of the connection between Stark and Thanos. Dr. Strange is a beast in this film and couldn't get enough of his duel with Ebony Maw. Loved the scene with Spiderman warping around getting in shots on Thanos on Titan. The feels were a-plenty during his death scene. Scarlett Witch was topnotch. Everyone else is just kind of there - even Cap, BP, and the rest of the Wakandans.

The Black Order. The CGI for these guys was topnotch throughout much like Thanos. Again Ebony Maw was the real deal here and was fun listening to him much like a hype man on stage. The moment Corvus Glaive (who was extremely menacing) first knife's through Vision totally caught me off guard. There were major inconsistencies in their power levels though and for a viewer like me it's hard not to notice it. Hell even the fight scenes with Thanos as the movie wore on and he became more powerful suffered in that regard.

Misses. Not seeing Xandar get sacked for one, I mean that's a HUGE ordeal. Not seeing the initial showdown on the Asgardian ship with the Black Order. I get it from a time perspective, but would you ever fast forward thru a major heavyweight fight? Then there's the fact that we have no idea what happened to Valkyrie, Korg, and Miek. There were overlapping dramas i.e. SW must kill Vision and Star-Lord must kill Gamora in order to prevent Thanos was acquiring the stones. For me personally it dilutes the sacrifice. Then what was with the sunset sequence AGAIN at the end with Thanos. We just saw that in BP.

A couple more misses. Transitions, transitions, transitions. As a viewer, I sometimes get taken out of a movie when characters are just popping up out of nowhere. It's pretty obvious the Russos were forced to cut corners in that regard. The Battle for Wakanda was just sort of meh. I expected a lot more than what we got. There's a moment when Cap, BP, and BW all walk up to the edge of the forcefield and engage The Black Order in a quick chat. I felt it was too casual. I would expect some uneasiness from the Avengers in the presence of these massive figures standing before them.

Surprises. How could this one not be Red Skull? I absolutely did not see that one coming, albeit I was a tad disappointed to not hear Huge Weaving's voice. It was nice to finally find out where he was, although I can't help but selfishly want more for the character. I'm also confused as to how he became a wraith.

Final statement. I honestly don't know how to rate this one yet, it's THAT jam packed. For viewers who are not familiar with all the individual movie threads - the film must come off straight forward with very little depth aside from Thanos. It's almost like a Saturday morning cartoon or Marvel comic book crossover event come to life, but infused with major stakes and at times very dark. I mean we're talking how many on screen deaths (not including the ending sequence). I was at an 11pm showing and my theater walked out kind of somber and confused because of how it ended. Btw, I knew the snap was coming as it had been foreshadowed in the commercials and then 2-3 times verbally within the movie.

I'm definitely going to see it again. It's fun. It has great stakes. I can't say it's the most complete Marvel film though. It's the one that takes the biggest swings.

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