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Default Re: The Officially Unofficial Iron Man Thread

It's great to see New Line give the go ahead on the script,that's very good news,now comes the question who will direct the film, David Fincher would be a good fit,IMO.
I am also looking forward to seeing what the producers decide on what the armor will look like, I am hoping for a tradional looking armor with Gold and Red color scheme, hopefully they will hire Stan Winston or ILM to design the armor.
As for the discussion on who should star,as much as I would have liked Tom Cruise,it's highly unlikely he will have the time,one guy I thought who could do it Julian McMahon (pardon the spelling), is doing F4 as Dr.Doom,so he's out. I like Dylen McDermett,but would he be able to carry a movie by himself,he looks like Stark and he's a very talented actor,time will tell.

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