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Default Re: The Officially Unofficial Iron Man Thread

There are only three choices for Tony Stark / Iron Man as I see it.

1. John Stamos - Yes, that John Stamos. He wouldn't suck the project's budget away, he is a damn fine actor, and he looks so much like Stark it is not even funny. Recently, he took over for Antonio Banderas in a Broadway production, so that says something about the "Latino look" you all want.

2. Billy Zane Billy Zane is great in the suave rich guy roles. Just make him grow some hair or slap a wig on him, grow the stache, and you have a great Stark right there. I saw a manip of his as Tony Stark and its stuck with me as I still bring him up for the part.

3. John Cusack John Cusack is one of the most underappreciated actors out there. He has performed well in a variety of roles. He could bring underlying pain to Stark while still being the ladies' man that we all know and love.

There are other actors that could do Tony Stark justice. Jim Caviezel (The Count of Monte Cristo), Johnny Depp (Blow), Dylan McDermott (Runaway Jury), Mark Wahlberg (I Heart Huckabees), and even Jim Carrey (The Majestic) come to mind.

Salsa shark.

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