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Default Re: The Officially Unofficial Iron Man Thread

Originally Posted by Uzumaki_Naruto
Tom Cruise is still my #1 choice. I know no one else will agree with me, but marvel will never have another chance to ring in an actor of cruise's name value and ability as well as having a love for the source material. We've been waiting for Iron Man so long, even through the time it was considered stuck in developmental hell. with the script complete and approved, I'd say pencil it in to whenever Cruise can do it.
I agree Cruise will bring a level of notoriety that no other actor can. He will insure a #1 opening, get Iron Man a budget increase, and lure a great director to the project. But he'd destroy all hope for a franchise. The only reason he has the MI series is because he has full control over script, director and cast. Arad wouldn't like that much, I can guarantee ya. Besides, the Marvel films have been great at raising actors media presence. Maguire, Jackman, Bana, Jane, the entire cast of FF;whether their movies hit or missed, the Marvel films have learned more toward being a showcase for actors that are good, just not known. The only experience Marvel's had with a star thus far was Daredevil, a mixed bag, honestly. I think there are many actors who'd love the challenge of IM and respect the source material, and would do a great job. It's no secret who I think the best guy is.

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