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Exclamation Merchandise!

Hey all! My first posting here.. altho I've been following along all the while.
First off, I'm almost 30 yo.. and have been a HUGE ghost rider fan all my life. Well since my uncle gave me my first GR comic back in the early 80's. By the time I hit 16, I had every issue and just about every appearance.. which was a pretty daunting task back then. Right about then, my dreams came true and the 2nd GR series came out.. I actually have a letter published in one of them =) I forget the issue # (sleep depravation robs the brain at the moment..)

Just thought I should let you hardcore old GR fans know there is a statue available through! I pre-ordered it early last year, and I finally received it about a month ago.

First let me say, THIS IS GORGEOUS!! Whoever did the sculpt and casting, as well as the painting, did a tremendous job! The statue is HUGE (13.5" x 10"), I didnt pay attention to the dimensions when I bought it, I just had to HAVE it. Well, I had to clear off a good portion of a display table to put it up as the centerpiece. It's also heavy as hell, feels like solid stone. This is worth, to me, at least twice what I paid for it. You guys wont be disappointed!
I'm not sure how many are being produced.. monsters in motion usually sells stuff on consignment from artists (resin kits, models, etc). The box it came in was really nice, packed perfectly.
Anyways, the picture speaks for itself. I'm SORRY if this was posted elsewhere, tho I didnt see it! Enjoy guys!

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