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Originally Posted by Lichslayer
ok, I found the issue.. It was actually lucky #13... which has an even cooler cover =)

My letter was:

"To the great editors of Ghost Rider,
First of all, I want to thank you for bringing back one of the most unique titles that Marvel has ever created. I know that I am not the only person that feels this way. This chain of his is an awesome weapon, but he's getting carried away with it. One of the things that made Zarathos a hit was his hellfire ability. But he also overdid it a bit. Add the hellfire into the new demon's arsenal, and it will ensure his success.
About issue #9: Zodiak? Didn't Zarathos fight a guy named that in the old series? G.R. seems to be taking over Danny's life, forcing him into a transformation against his will -- just like Zarathos forced Blaze all the time. G.R. is causing a drastic personality change in Danny. The million dollar question is: Is it for the better or the worse? But to top off the issue; NIGHTMARE! DOCTOR STRANGE! And a guy that I'd bet is Johnny Blaze! I'd say we're looking at a serious incorporation of the old series into the new. This is certainly going to heat things up for 'ol bone head, isn't it? Keep up the good work, and whatever you do, I'll keep reading. "

Their response:

"Whatever we do...? We certainly hope so, Lee, 'cause wait till you see what we do next issue! Trust us -- it ain't pretty!"

I guess I was being a bit nostalagic and whining for the old Zarathos heh.. But that was before they even showed that it wasnt Zarathos, but a different demon in itself. I need to bring home my closet full of crossovers and such.. Was amazed to find that most of the older GR comics were in damn good shape, even the marvel spotlight #5 and up were all in great shape. Wonder what these will be worth after the movie comes and goes.. I remember my TMNT #1 1st ed selling for quite a bit after the movie.. NOT that I'd sell any of these. Anyways enough rambling for me.

edit: This probably belongs in the comics section.. sorry all.
Hey!!! that was an awesome letter. I wrote similar letters to them on the same subject, but mine were never published. I used to read all the letters pages and I just know that when I read your letter I was glad as hell at least someone with the same train of thought as mine was getting through.

Don't worry about whining for Zarathos, I still do it, although I try to pace myself

Yep I never got any of mine published in vol.2 but I did in vol.1 #72. It was the one with the statue falling toward GR on the cover. The name's Lee Ferguson, the last letter on the Ghost Writers page. I was basically saying that GR was better than Spider-man....they didn't like that. I recall thinking, damn the freaking writters of GR like SM better, that sucks!

BTW, good name, you must be a really cool guy

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