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Originally Posted by Riding Ghost
Hey!!! that was an awesome letter. I wrote similar letters to them on the same subject, but mine were never published. I used to read all the letters pages and I just know that when I read your letter I was glad as hell at least someone with the same train of thought as mine was getting through.

Don't worry about whining for Zarathos, I still do it, although I try to pace myself

Yep I never got any of mine published in vol.2 but I did in vol.1 #72. It was the one with the statue falling toward GR on the cover. The name's Lee Ferguson, the last letter on the Ghost Writers page. I was basically saying that GR was better than Spider-man....they didn't like that. I recall thinking, damn the freaking writters of GR like SM better, that sucks!

BTW, good name, you must be a really cool guy
Thanks! I like to think I'm pretty cool anyways Us Lee's are gonna take over, watchout!

On another note, and actually ON TOPIC, I got my Chrome GR Statue today! It's gorgeous! When my marvel issued GR Statue shows up, I'll haveta bust out all my GR paraphanelia and take a big old pic of my collection heh.

Rock on Guys

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