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Default Was BF a "decent" Batman Film or Not?

I'm not sure what everyones final opinion on Forever is, but i would like to know. so far, ive been hearing mixed reviews, some hate it, some love it, and some are luke warm about it. my question for this thread is: Is batman forever a "decent" batman movie, even if its close to being the disaster B&R was? for me, im lukewarm about it, i felt that kilmer, even though not the best bruce wayne/Batman, did try to be a good batman, but under the direction of schumacher, he wound up not being the best Bman he could be. clooney however.....dont get me started, horrible. but kilmer i felt was a bit better. plus, i felt like forever still had a darkness to it (though a heck of a lot more colorful then burtons), and infinitly more darker then horrible B&R, so anyways im just curious what you all think of Forever, your 'final' opinons??

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