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Lightbulb Re: Was BF a "decent" Batman Film or Not?

Originally Posted by bones1971
Dark Movie? Two face jumping around like Jack Nicholson's Joker with a goofy smile on his face. I think Jones and Schumacher did zero character study in the two-face character. It was the most unfaithful potrayal of any of the villians in the movies.
That's not true at all. It's been reported that Tommy Lee Jones knew about Two-Face and wanted to do an accurate comic depiction of him; however, Joel wanted him to act like he did in the movie and that's what ultimately led to them not getting along on the set.

It's also reported that Val and Joel didn't get along either. Both Val and Tommy wanted a darker Batman film, but it was obviously too late once the filming started.

It's left a real bitter taste in Val's mouth; because still he refuses to talk about BF in interviews or articles. Tommy never seems to mention it either, but I'd love to hear his opinion on the upcoming BB.