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Default Re: Was BF a "decent" Batman Film or Not?

Originally Posted by Chomp
This thread isn't about either of the Burton films...its about Batman Forever. No where in any of my posts did I compare Burton and Schumacher.

No, I said what I dislike about the film...Batman Forever wasn't a take off of the 60's TV was a continuation of the last 2 Batman films. The setting and cinematography I could care less about...What I hated was the way the two villains of Two Face and The Riddler were played out as. They both were worthless, laughable villains. In the comics, Two Face and The Riddler are two of Batman's greatest pathological, sadistic villains.

Again, Burton's films have its flaws, but this thread is not about them. This thread is about whether or not Batman Forever was a decent Batman film. And in my opinion, I feel it wasn't.

you said you doubt he read a comic in his life, and i just felt i should say something to that..

and i know forever was not a take of the 60s version, but there were some mild hints as such

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