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Default Re: Was BF a "decent" Batman Film or Not?

A little bit off the topic, but when BF came out in Australia I was doing film and video reviews on a Melbourne radio show, and the main host of the show got to interview Tommy Lee Jones via telephone. Jones was in Queensland to promote the movie and also the opening of Warner Brothers Movie World, and during the interview Jones had some VERY terse things to say about the movie, the director and Jim Carey (among which were his claims that Carey - at the height of his fame - got his way in every scene regardless of how the other actors felt, and that while filming the climax of the film none of the actors had any idea what the hell was going on). Anyway a Warner Brothers rep was obviously in the room with Jones during the interview, and after it was over she called up the host of the radio show I was part of and told him that if the interview went to air the show would never get any help from Warner in the future....

The interview never did air, and I wish I had obtained a tape of it, now that I am no longer part of the show (although it is still airing). But it was obvious that the film was not a good experience for Jones, probably one of the reasons he doesn't discuss it much these days.

Of course I have no way to back this up, but it certainly did happen.....

Anyway just thought you might find it interesting.....

I also remember there was a one-hour Australian BF television special hosted by Ray Martin (popular Aus TV host), and he interviewed Kilmer via satellite and Kilmer for the most part just stared at the screen and said very little...I remember Ray Martin saying something to the effect that Kilmer may be the best Batman we have seen to date, but as an interview subject he was entirely unhelpful and uncooperative....

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