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Default Re: Was BF a "decent" Batman Film or Not?

Hmm... Good Question!..
I believe it is decent for an average..
The first viewing in theaters IMO kicked ass except the ever present architecture of goofy-land instead of the more gothic architecture that i came to love in Burton's films.
The second viewing was at my home whenever it came out on vhs. It was okay at best, i started to pick up on all the weird and out of place things.
The third viewing was 2 years later after i saw it last. That sucked. The only good thing about it was Kilmer's portrayal of both Bruce and Bats.. Not to mention Kidman's... never mind. Everything stupid stuck out like a sore thumb. Alot was mentioned by Tobiaswins. Observation and perception picks up alot from whenever you are 9to 16ish.

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