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Default Re: Was BF a "decent" Batman Film or Not?

I'm one of the biggest supporters of Forever on the Hype. Apart from the admittedly bad lapses into camp, and Tommy Lee-Jones, it's a fantastic movie. Here is my five-point defence of the movie.

1. There's so much packed into it! Two-Face's revenge, Edward Nygma becoming the Riddler. Dick Grayson becoming Robin, Chase and Bruce, Bruce giving up Batman, Bruce's forgotten memories resurfacing, Batcave being destroyed, the Batboat and the new Batwing.....somehow all the elements are tied together perfectly. Proberbaly the best script for any superhero movie - and if you read the original drafts or the novel, it was even before.

2. Tommy Lee-Jones' Two-Face is no more silly or campy than Willem Dafoe's Green Goblin. Jim Carrey is not at fault here, his crazy lunatic is hilarious and at times creepy. It's the fact that Two-Face isn't nasty and serious enough that unbalances the bad guys.

3. Visually awesome. Despite two much neon at times, cinematography is superb. The Batcave looks fantastic. Best costumes in any superhero movie, Robin has never looked better (except for you know what). It looks like the world comicbooks imagine, rather than trying to make a comic come to life ala Dick Tracy.

4. Casting. Val Kilmer. Bob Kane said he was the closest to the character he created. Nicole Kidman is great, taking it seriously but playing slightly larger than for a normal film. She looks literally twice as good here as she ever has done anywhere else. Chris O'Donnell does proberbaly his best ever work as Dick, and his anger and sadness and youthful naivety really come thru in his scenes with Bruce.

5. It's really guilty by association with Batman Forever. Few people actually realise they are quite different movies, despite the similarities. Simply but, Batman Forever is a serious movie with silly elements. Batman & Robin is the same movie with those elements reversed.

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