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Default Re: Was BF a "decent" Batman Film or Not?

There's a number of things I like about BF:
1. Kilmer. He made an effort to continue Keaton's portrayal of Batman and was more of a 70s Comics type Bruce Wayne.
2. Recurring duality. Batman and Robin are a duo. So are Riddler and Two-Face. Batman has two identities. Riddler is after one and Two-Face is after the other. Batman has to choose between Chase (Bruce Wayne) and Robin (The Batman). Two-Face has a split personality, Riddler uses his Nigma identity as a front.
3. The scene between Bruce and Dick after Dick takes the mobile for a ride. Kilmer, O'Donnell and Gough all do a great job and the scripting is excellent.
4. Dick and Bruce's character arcs are both excellently done.
5. Nicole Kidman never looked so good.
6. The opening scenes are classic Batman. He suits up, swings in, confrences with Gordon and takes on the villain and his henchmen.
7. Michael Gough.
8. The Diary subplot. Even though most of it was edited out of the final cut by the bastards at WB.
8. The panther suit is excellent (except for the nipples).
9. The fight sequences are very well done.
10. Cinematography is great.
11. Two-Face's opening monologue is great, and Jones's best performance in the whole film.
12. They came up with a good reason for him changing his suit, not just doing it for the sake of it.
13. Robin's suit was very good.

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