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Default Re: Was BF a "decent" Batman Film or Not?

Some of them I did...but I was speaking about in the movie. They were way too easiliy figured out by Batman. The riddles are usually truely thought provoking, complicated, perplexing riddles that the police cannot solve. In BF, Batman solves each riddle in a matter of minutes of recieving them.

Understand now smartass?
Yes, but apparently you don't.

The Riddler's riddles have never been extremely brilliant or difficult in the comics. They are not difficult if you have the right mindset and can get into it quickly and see things the way The Riddler does, and Batman has always been able to solve them fairly quickly. For one thing, The Riddler has a compulsion in leaving riddles: He, on some level, wants to be discovered, and he wants to be pursued. He wants Batman to know how smart he is, how much planning went into each caper, and that he's not just the average criminal (even though, though his actions, he is). BATMAN FOREVER nailed this aspect of the character. BATMAN FOREVER nailed a lot. Definitely a decent Batman film, if not a perfect one. More later.

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