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Default Re: Was BF a "decent" Batman Film or Not?

I like Batman Forever more than i like Batman Returns

Val gave a good performance as Batman. Sometimes, i feel its even better than Keatons. His whole look as Bruce/Batman was great. The suit, besides the nipples, was probably the best Bat-outfit. The Bruce/Dick drama was great, and they did a better job of looking into Bruce's psyche better than in the first two flicks. Hell, did we even really get into Bruce's head in Returns? The action was definetely better, especially the first fight scene.

Tommy Lee Jones couldve done a better job as Two-Face. And I dont know why everyone comes in and says Riddler's such as psycho in the comics, cause i dont remember it like that. In fact, besides the 60's TV show, I always thought Riddler was kind of a lameass.

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