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Default Re: Was BF a "decent" Batman Film or Not?

The biggest is two words - ROCK. CLIMBING.

Bruce, in an effort to get laid tells Chase he's going rock climbing this weekend and would like her to come along...All the while Two-Face, supposed crazed killer and all, is on the loose.

Nice to know Batman, despite having INSANE SERIAL KILLERS WANDERING ABOUT, takes his weekends off.
First, Bruce Wayne, in the old days, used to actually date women he liked. WAIT...he STILL DOES in the comics! Second, they were not insane serial killers, they were just insane (And The Riddler didn't exist yet, I don't think). Third, did you think he was going rock climbing at night? Bruce Wayne does tend to fill his daytimes with playboy/diversionary activities.

That movie was NOT the Batman we know who, oh I dont know, made a vow that what happened to his parents would never happen to anyone else...but that comes second to a weekend get-away!
Why wasn't it the Batman we know again? Some more examples, please.

Two-Face was more like Joker 2 than his own character.
Once again...even Nicholson's Joker in BATMAN didn't have this explosive and violent a personality. Tommy Lee Jones played his character as a classic, insane supervillain, within the boundaries of what Two-Face was and always has been, and what the script allowed him to do. He was not channelling The Joker. Laughing as a supervillain does not make one a ripoff of The Joker.

I thought Jim Carrey was a great Riddler even though he'd be a better Joker. I liked having Robin in a Batman movie even though it would have made a little more sense to have Robin be younger.
Why would it have made more sense to have Robin be younger? If anything, it made sense to have him be 18.

Val Kilmer will NEVER be considered Batman to me. The guy was a stiff...literally, he was stiff.

Two Face could have thrown his coin at Val and it would have bounced about 10 feet in the other direction. Also, Val had no facial expressions whatsoever. He looked like he had the glazed over look of just being hit over the head with a hammer. If you are going to be an actor, its a little hard to get into the mind of the acting, when you have no physical mannerisms. Keaton had faical expressions. Everytime he gave a squint or a frown, or the movement of his lips, you knew EXACTLY what he was thinking. He had a readable face...Kilmer does not.
Hello...Bruce Wayne...Batman...

Nicole Kidman's part as Chase is just a recycled rehash of several other psychologists. It was a cardboard cut-out with no entertaining aspects at all. But by far she was the best actor in the film.
Nevermind that everything has been done and that there's nothing wrong with borrowing elements that work, but I'll call your bluff. Tell me about another film where a psychologist helps a brooding superhero with his dark past and his parents. Or anything even close. And if you name something post-1994, I'm going to laugh.

[quote]Give me a break. That sounds like a riddle a teacher would give her third grade students. You show me ONE riddle from the comics that is as lame as any of those from me.

"What you call twins both named William?"

"What's the laziest mountain in the world."

"Where do cows go on a date?"

"How do you keep an idiot waiting?"

"How does a boat show it's affection?"

These are all riddles The Riddler has used before, in just one issue, actually.

And it has to be from a comic that is from well respectible source material.
Oh. Ok...

"When does a killer not kill?"

Even riddles from BTAS are far superior than anything from BF, and its a kid's show!: "Shall we play the Riddler's game; with meaning changed but word the same? Then find the founder who found fame before he founders in his name." This is probably my favorite from the TV series.
That's all well and good. But it has nothing to do with putting together several riddles to create the name "Mr. E". Which was the point of the riddles in BATMAN FOREVER. Obviously you forgot that to do that, there had to be some thinking involved.

I maybe influenced by Jeph, but let's face it, he put The Riddler on the map as being one of Batman's greatest villains. The Riddler was pretty much a small villain before that.
What's your point?

Not to BF's extent.
Let's talk about BATMAN BEGINS merchandising, shall we?

His personality...he played exactly like Joker before him. It seemed as if he only had one side in the movie...lame.
I'm not going to go over this again. See above for my points on Joker/Two-Face comparisons. And he clearly didn't have just one side, but one side was firmly in control most of the time. You know, the way Two-Face was for years in the comics after he became Two-Face?

Have you forgotten my posts already?
No I haven't. Nor do I believe for a second that you solved those riddles as quickly as you claim to have. How old are you, btw? Because if it's anything under 18, I'm gonna have to not believe your amazing riddle-solving abilities.

[quote]Yea, she was a cardboard cut...nothing new, just a rehash of other characters from other movies. It actually felt as if Chase was a character from another she was digitally manipulated into the screen from another film. Boring.[;/quote]

Which other movies are these now? Quick now, specific examples.

How old are you 12?
Old enough to know when to use a comma.

What's cool is Batman gliding through the air with bats, breaking in from an above window, that Batmobile looking sleak yet different...BF's Batmobiles was just different...and hideous if you ask me. It also seemed totally impractical.
When did I say anything about The Batmobile?

A little? The whole goddamn script was developed by camp and humor.
No, the whole goddam script wasn't.

"Then, it will happen like this. You find Two-Face, and you kill him..."

...cue scene where family falls to their deaths.

That's one shot. You forgot the daytime shots. And the parts of Gotham that weren't all neon.

Look, I am glad you like the least someone does. But for me, it wasn't Batman.
Why? All you've come with so far is your ridiculous rock climbing argument.

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