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Default Re: Was BF a "decent" Batman Film or Not?

Originally Posted by The Guard
First, Bruce Wayne, in the old days, used to actually date women he liked. WAIT...he STILL DOES in the comics! Second, they were not insane serial killers, they were just insane (And The Riddler didn't exist yet, I don't think). Third, did you think he was going rock climbing at night? Bruce Wayne does tend to fill his daytimes with playboy/diversionary activities.
First off, I've no qualms with Wayne playing the playboy route and dating - My point is, do it IN TOWN.

Second, okay, maybe they arnt serial killers (Though I would question this further, but for the sake of time..) Them 'just being insane' doesnt really make them less than a threat. After all, Two-face had no problem with gunning down Robin's family and almost boiling a man to death with, what do we got? Insane? Check. Killer? Check. Then again, Two-Face come off about as threatening and frightening as a pair of wet boxers. Between his stupid maniacal laughter and his dancing around it's a wonder he had time to show the Riddler how to PUNCH A GUY.

The quote is, "Look, I'm going rock climbing this weekend", and it sounds to me like a weekend getaway. Now, I could be wrong - in the horrible version of Las Veg-er, Gotham City perhaps it's surrounded by a mountain range...or perhaps he scales the Statue of Liberty thats magically in the harbor...but I doubt it. Now then, since they are leaving town for the weekend are you trying to convince me he's going to fly back to Gotham every night? God, I could only imagine his excuse! "Oh Bruce, how romantic!" "...I gatta go! It's almost dusk! And...well, I have a meeting. A business meeting. With business people. That lasts....all night. I'll be back in the morning! But only for the day! Then I have..another meeting. Did I mention its quite impossible that I'm Batman?"

As to the Riddles used, come ON. "The Riddles all have numbers..and they correspond to...THE ALPHABET!" "Perhaps he's spelling out his name, sir?" "...He's a crafty one, this Riddler."

That whole scene was just tormenting to watch - I would have prefered if when Bruce figured out the numbers would correspond to letters that Alfred would remind him, "But sir! You dont KNOW the alphabet!" Because then Bruce would have to go to the Library and FINALLY WE'D GET SOME DAMN DETECTIVE WORK.

Come on! numbers coresponding to the alphabet?!?! Gimme a break!

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