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Default Re: Goku vs Superman

Superman is my favorite American superhero and Goku is my favorite Japanese hero. To break it down, lets use the point system.

1) Natural birth abilities- Superman is from Krypton. On that planet he is a normal alien. On any other planet, he can use the sun to use superhuman abilities.

Goku is from the planet Vegeta. Goku is a saiyan. Saiyans have a natural tendency to fight, and are naturally stronger than humans.

Score: Superman-0,Goku-0

2) Experience- Sups didn't start developing his powers until he was a teenager. And then he became Superboy with the help of his superdog, Krypto.

Goku has been fighting since he was 5 years old. Goku has constantly been geting stronger as he grew. He didn't learn as many abilities as Superman, but he didn't have a dog to help him out.

Score: Still a tie

3) Special Abilities-

Superman-Superspeed, Superstrength, ability to fly, ice breath, able to withstand bullets, able to jump high, superhearing, x-ray vision(a fav for women),eye beam

Goku-Superspeed, Superstrength, ability to fly, able to withstand bullets, able to jump high, teleportation, Kamehameha, Kaio Ken(which more than triples his speed strength, and hearing), Spirit bomb. The point is, Goku's attacks are more useful in battle

Score: Superman-0, Goku-1

4) Transformations-

Clark Kent goes inside a telephone booth, pulls off his suit and glasses, and is Superman.

Goku- If Goku looks at the moon, he becomes a giant ape. Also, there is the famous "Super Saiyan", where Goku's strength goes through the roof! P.S: Goku has 4 different levels of Super Saiyan.

Points: Superman-0, Goku-2

5) Death-Superman died while fighting Doomsday and then was resurrected.

Goku- death is no big thing for him. Goku still trains while dead(how do you think he learned Kaio Ken and the Spirit bomb?). When Goku is brought back with the dragon balls, he is at least twice as strong as he was before he died.

Points: Superman-0, Goku-3

6) Babe factor- Chi Chi is pretty hot, but she nags too much. Besides, Lois is hotter.

Points: Superman-1, Goku-3

7) Training- Superman doesn't really train, he just saves the day.

Goku- always training, even in death

Points: Superman-1, Goku-4

8) Weaknesses- Superman can be a bit naive at times, and he has that little thing against Kryptonite. With kryptonite, George W Bush can beat Superman like a four year old at K-mart!

Goku is a bit more naive than the man of steel, but he doesn't have to worry about Kryptonite.

Points: Superman-1, Goku-5

So I guess the fight will go like this: Superman and Goku will play mercy to test each others strength. Then they will start trading blows and special attacks. Superman will seem to have the upper hand! But wait! Goku is pulling his ace out of his sleeve! Goku has gone super saiyan! It's over folks!

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