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Default Re: Goku vs Superman

Originally Posted by AmbientFire
ok, i have to know - are you guys comparing Goku to Superman (ordinary) or Superman Prime as the original poster was asking? cuz that alters the entire thing ALTOGETHER - there was some guy out here who posted the info on superman prime like a gazillion trillion times, so i'm not going to do that but... you are comparing the wrong version of superman when you compare ordinary superman vs. SSj4 Goku!

OH COME ON!!!! Have you ever seen Goku Fight? Did you see him fight Cell? If you did you know theres no way Superman could match that. Gokus martial arts skills alone could take out Supes. If a KAMEHAMEHA wave counts as magic he will be roast ham in 10 seconds. I haven't even mentioned the Spirit Bomb, remember what happened the last time he used it, he won someone who by God knows is stronger than doomsday altogether! Superman coudn't even beat Thor of Asgard in which Goku won't have trouble beating at all.

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