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Default Re: Goku vs Superman

Question for pre- crisis superman fans:

Kid Buu comes to destroy earth, what are you going to do?

Kid Buu powers:
1. Capable of light speeds and instantanious transmission.
2. Can blow up an entire solar system in less than a minute. (you have 6 or 7 minutes tops to figure out a plan if you're batman, but it won't work since it would be too late.)
3. If you do have enough power to blow him up, he is going to reform.
4. Stretching ability
5. Healing factor that is greater than Hulk, Lobo, or Wolverine could ever dream of.
6. He turns others into candy and eats them.
7. He screams and rips holes in dimentions for travel if needed.

This looks like a job for super.... wait hold on... Goku.

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