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Default Re: Goku vs Superman

Originally Posted by newmexneon
I dont think that goku is physically stronger than superman. Who do you guys think would win in an arm wrestling match?

I think that superman, the pre-crisis one, can probably beat goku in his normal form if you are talking about strength, but when Goku goes super saiyan then it's pretty much a one sided victory. Superman is strong, yes, but can he hurl fireballs capable of of incinerating planets? Superman is a good fighter, but has he mastered pretty much every martial art techinque ever created? Both are fast, but Goku can teleport instantly with the instant transmision! Goku can do all this without even going super saiyan! Imagine what will happen if Goku faced someone like doomsday...for christ sakes people, this guy won't even stand a chance in the dbz world as oppose to if goku was living in the modern dc world, a Goku vs superman match will be like a match against The savage Hulk vs Aunt May. What I'm trying to say is that Goku will win this with no hesitation whatsoever.

You'll probably want to sent the invitations to superman's second funeral!

The magazine again..... ... Goku annihilated Supes.

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