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SuperSaiyan, Pre-crisis Superman is NOT the most powerful version of superman by a longshot, and Rjddler, you might also want to take a look at this - Goku is powerful bu i knw there have been opponents that were not affected by his SSj4 kamehameha (i forget the particular opponents name, but he was destroyed by some sort of precipitation and not the kamehameha- really weird)


CODENAME: Superman Prime

ALTER EGO: Kal-El of Krypton

OCCUPATION: Head of the Superman Dynasty, defender of humanity and her allies.

MARITAL STATUS: Married to Lois Lane M*

KNOWN RELATIVES: Lois Lane M* (wife), Jor-El M* and Lara M* (parents)

GROUP AFFILIATION: The original Justice League and the Commonwealth of Humanity.

BASE OF OPERATIONS: The New Krypton in the 853rd century.

HAIR: Golden EYES: Golden




Superman Prime is conceived as the current Superman who is still alive in the 853rd century. Crucially ties from the current Superman to Superman Prime and the Superman Dynasty are fuzzy. It should be remembered that this is only a potential future for our Superman.



The legend began in the last years of the second millennium anno Domini with a birth not of this Earth. That child was Kal-El of Krypton, the sole survivor of a cataclym that destroyed one of the most advanced and ancient civilations in the galaxy. Kal-El was raised as a normal human child by the Kansas farmers Jonathan and Martha Kent. It was their love and care that would transform one of the world's most powerful individuals from the product of a cold alien civilisation into one of the most noble and charismatic men alive. Under the Earth-name of Clark Kent he was a reporter for the Metropolis Daily Planet where he worked with his future wife Lois Lane. Kal-El is however more widely known by the name, Superman.

It was as the costumed "super-hero" Superman (an identity designed to preserve his privicay as Clark Kent and to protect his adopted family) that Kal-El had his biggest impact. He was the leader of Earth's superhuman (and often much of the human) community and served as the role model that all subsequent heroes were measured by. In his career he saved the world from the threats of interstellar invasion, natural disaster and the continued activities of a cadre of "super-villains" (including the original , the early Bizarros and the sentient anti-sun Solaris). During this time Superman rose to the height of his activities, married his beloved Lois, served as leader to the Justice League and acted as mentor to a new generation of heroes.

The vast Kryptonian powers that served to make him Superman also made Kal-El essentially immortal. He would watch as he outlived his parents, then his friends and then even his wife Lois. Still serving as the world's foremost champion he began to slow as the sadness of the losses began to mount. Legend then tells how close to the end of the twenty first century Superman Prime (as history will remember Kal-El) passed the responsibilities of being Superman to his heir, Superman Secundus, and created the Superman Dynasty. Then one day he left Earth for the vast reaches of time and space was not to be seen for another sixty seven millennia. In his absence Superman Secundus proved to be more that ready for the challenge and his descendants carried on the crusade long after he died.

As the centuries turned into millennia the Supermen and Superwomen of the House of El went with humanity into the stars. That is not to say that their initial presence was constant, notable times when Supermen/women were not in evidence include the period after the second Khund invasion (twenty fifth century) and the late 30th century era of the Legion of Superheroes. Old hatreds were placed aside with the alliance of the descendants of Lex Luthor and the Superman Dynasty in the 322nd century. New powers were added to the Dynasty with the marriage of the 67th century Superman to Queen Gzntplzk of the Fifth Dimension, their descendants would be the heroes of two different dimensions with one line of the family becoming the Supermen and Superwomen of the Fifth Dimension.

Through all the evolution and growth of the Superman Dynasty only one foe remained implacable to the bitter end. Solaris, the sentient sun, had been created as part of temporal paradox in the late twentieth century by that era's Justice League and a time travelling Justice Legion A as the last resort to stop the Hourman Virus. Starman M* had then given his life to banish Solaris before its genesis destroyed the System. Since that time Solaris had two goal: to replace the Earth's sun with himself and the destruction of the Superman Dynasty. He had fought Superman Prime with vast trans-temporal schemes, Superman Secundus with a plan to shift the planet out of their orbits and various other Supermen with plots that ranged from sentient comets to scorched Earth rampages.

One of greatest battles between Solaris and the Superman Dynasty would come in the 505th century when Solaris bombarded the System with wave after wave of deadly radiation. He watched from a distance as this cancer causing radiation condemned hoards to a horrible death. When no other plan or scheme was left that era's Superman together with the Gravity Witch and Singularity IV carried the battle to the distant Solaris. In a manoeuvre that stands out even in the history of the House of El those heroes collapsed entire spatial dimensions to create legions to duplicate Supermen that threw themselves as Solaris. Their sacrifice allowed the true Superman to make his own sacrifice to reprogram Solaris at the cost of his life. From that day onwards Solaris was changed and became a benefit to mankind as a servant rather than a tyrant or killer.

Initially Solaris was incapable of independent thought, but slowly his intelligence began to reassert itself within his new programming and the tyrant that had once been the bane of the Superman Dynasty actually served along side them in the Justice League of the Atom. However it was always Superman who shone the brightest with courage and valour compared to the flawed Solaris. Cycles change and over time Solaris became very influential due to his shear age. When the human civilisation moved towards universal paranoia Solaris was at his height of influence as he founded the imperialist Pancosmic Justice Jihad. It gripped the System in a choke hold of fear and lies, even pushing aside the Superman Dynasty for a time.

The fear lasted until one day at the turn of the 700th century AD when a haggard and haunted figure descended out of the skies above the planet Earth. Superman Prime, Kal-El of Krypton, the original Superman had returned to his adopted home. He had been places and dimensions that few had even knew of and even fewer understood. He had wrestled with gods and demons. He had overturned hell and fought his way past the gates of Heaven looking for the soul of beloved Lois who due to his immortality he could never join in the afterlife. A haunted figure as removed from humanity as he had ever been his presence still caused a revolution in human society. To many it was the second coming of a legend from the past creating a spiritual revival and even worship of him from some, but he was beyond such social convention at that time.

Emotionally drained and exhausted Superman Prime sought out the current generation of the Superman Dynasty. Protect the Earth and her people and he would grant them powers beyond even those of a Kryptonian. With the covenant forged the Prime Superman retreated into the System's Sun there he became a living catalyst that redirected pure solar energy to his descendants radically increasing their abilities. His new Fortress of Solitude became a chrysalis for Superman Prime, renewing and healing him as he slept through the centuries.

In the years following Superman Prime's return the Superman Dynasty and the System under went a rebirth, the PPJ and Solaris' influence gave way to the formation of the Justice Legions with a Superman as their leader. Humans continued to evolve and many legends were reborn, the Amazons of myth returned to the System, the Starman Dynasty restarted and the ability of human achievement once again meant something. The increasing openness of human society also meant greater ties across the cosmos with the foundation of the United Galaxies and the Galactic Macronet of interconnected solar-computers. Amid this Solaris was once again relegated to the System's second power source under the care of the Starman Dynasty.

The Superman Dynasty as Earth's defenders found themselves acting on bigger and bigger scales, over seeing treaty negotiations in the Fifth Dimension, Justice Legion teams across the Galaxy and even the Superman Squad (a group of Supermen from many eras who band together to defend the timestream). Through all this there was the knowledge that Superman Prime's hibernation within the Super-Sun was of finite length and the eventual day of his return was known. Plans were laid for a celebration to commemorate the event and a series of Challenges were planned where the Justice Legion A would swap places with the Justice League of America from the twentieth century and allow its members to attend the celebrations.

Every last detail of the deep time travel and Challenges had been planned by Hourman yet he could not foresee developments with Solaris. Starman M* had accidentally reactivated Solaris' original evil programming. Solaris had then formed an alliance with Starman M* and Vandal Savage. The plan was both complex and simple, Savage would search Mars for the Knight Fragment>, legendary the last known piece of Kryptonite, while Starman M* would go with the Justice Legion A into the past and make sure that the Knight Fragment was actually buried on Mars. When Savage had unearthed the Fragment it would then be used to assassinate Superman Prime as he emerged from the Sun. The plan relied on keeping the Justice Legion and the Justice League occupied and dead if possible.

When the Justice Legion swapped places with the League they discovered that Solaris had booby trapped Hourman III with the so called Hourman Virus. The Virus was a nanite-virus that attacked computer and humans alike. It took the combined reasoning abilities of Superman M* and Batman M* to deduce that the only thing that could find a cure for the Virus was a sentient sun. They would have to build Solaris in the twentieth century. After completion it was revealed that the Hourman Virus was actually Solaris' core programming sent into the past to make sure of his own creation. In the last moment Starman M* gave his life to give Solaris his first defeat. That is why centuries later Solaris would use Starman to get his revenge.

Meanwhile in the 853rd century the JLA were holding their own against Solaris until the tyrant sun decided to launch his final assault on Earth. Using the Justice Legion's tactical computer the League discovered that Solaris had never encountered a Green Lantern Power Ring before. This was to be his greatest weakness. Where as Solaris and Vandal Savage had schemed for years in this plan to defeat the Superman Dynasty, J'onn J'onzz the Martian Manhunter and Mitch Shelly the Resurrection Man on the suggestion of the Huntress II had been planning longer. In the twentieth century Starman M* had a change of heart and destroyed the Knight Fragment, later the Martian Manhunter buried the long lost power ring of the Green Lantern on Mars where it was found by Savage who thought that it was the Knight Fragment.

Solaris fired what he thought was the Knight Fragment at the Sun in order to kill Superman Prime just as Green Lantern retrieved a DNA sample from Solaris' core placed their when he was constructed by Superman M*. With the way clear Kyle then started a supernova reaction in Solaris' core and attempted to contain the explosion with his power ring. He was joined by Superman M* who used his force vision to help Kyle contain the explosion. Solaris was still surviving until Superman Prime suddenly reappeared from the Sun after fifteen thousand years of absorbing Solar energy and crushed the tyrant sun once and for all with the Green Lantern Ring that Solaris had inadvertently given him.

In the aftermath of Solaris' destruction a lot was revealed about Superman Prime's hibernation in the Sun. He had been waiting for Solaris' attempt because he obviously remembered the events as his time travelling younger self had been there. He knew about the DNA sample in Solaris' core and together with Lzyxm Ltpkz (the Superman of the Fifth Dimension) they turned it inside out resurrecting his beloved, who he had searched Heaven and Hell for. After searching for her across space and time, he had retreated into the sun to await her return and now a silver Lois Lane and a golden Superman Prime were reunited. In all the time since her death life had held no meaning or warmth for him, but now he was complete once more.

As part of the celebrations of the reunion of Lois and Superman Hourman III used the Worlogog to reach back into the last seconds of Krypton, take a moment transport that to the future and recreate the planet and its people including Jor-El and Lara. This world of New Krypton orbiting the yellow sun Solaris II would become the Homeworld of the Superman Dynasty. In the end Superman Prime had endured the torture and passage of the lonely years safe in the knowledge that somewhere in the future everything would be made right.




Kal-El at his height as Superman in the twentieth and twenty first centuries was one of the most powerful of the founding superheroes. Like all Kryptonians exposed to a yellow sun his cells became living solar batteries absorbing solar energy and literally supercharging every natural physical ability he possessed. He possessed vast super strength, was nigh invulnerable to anything short of a nuclear blast and possessed the ability to fly by shear effort of will. This Kryptonian powers also granted him numerous sensory abilities including perception of the vast majority of the EM spectrum, telescopic vision and super hearing. At will he could also expel stored solar energy out of his eyes as a form of "heat ray". His only vulnerabilities were the radioactive mineral Kryptonite and a susceptibility to magical influence.

It is not recorded what happened to Superman Prime during his long exile from Earth, but it is believed that he learned much about himself and his powers. While the powers of the Superman Dynasty evolved over the years Superman Prime did not gain the extra mental powers or sensory abilities obtained by the union with the Fifth Dimension. Upon his return it became evident that he had certainly changed becoming almost god like in terms of power. There is evidence for this in his resurrection of Lois Lane (with help from Lzyxm Ltpkz) and his covenant with the Superman Dynasty. The Superman Prime that appeared out of the sun in the year 85,271 is certainly the most powerful member of the Superman Dynasty ever seen and it is quite conceivable that he is now a New God despite his returned humanity. It should be also noted that Superman Prime is currently in possession of the last of the Green Lantern power rings.


The Superman Dynasty is descended from the second Superman, Supermen Secundus and possesses Kryptonian like abilities. It would seem that the Kryptonian gene that gives a person solar powered abilities is a whole or nothing affair with a person either inheriting all the abilities or none. Then again it is possible that the later generations of the Superman Dynasty did weaken requiring Superman Prime to act as a conduit to feed their powers (as evidenced by the weakening of Superman M* while in the twentieth century).

The sum of the abilities of the Superman Dynasty as displayed by Superman M* is quite impressive. He is capable to travelling faster than the speed of light (but only under the influence of the Super-Sun), he is also strong enough to punch through the time barrier, leap between planets and invulnerable to practically everything. Along with the traditional Kryptonian senses ten new abilities were added to the Dynasty by the marriage of a Superman to Queen Gzntplzk of the Fifth Dimension. These new abilities include techno-rapport (the ability to control computers), limited control of magnetism, genesis level intellect, super-ESP (a form of super-hypnosis), no longer as susceptible to magic, the ability to think billions of different lines of thought at the same time, etc. However all these abilities are dependent on the covenant with Supermen Prime, they are his gifts to give or revoke at will.


Solaris was the first of the solar computers created in the late twentieth century. He is an artificial intelligence based on proton-proton computational reactions that harness the fusion process as a processor element. His central core consisted of a 853rd century quantum hard drive unit which contained a sample of DNA supplied from Lois Lane. He can interface and command virtually all known computer systems. Physically he can radiate extreme heat, radiation and microwave bursts in both focused beams and general stellar style emission. He can control the effect of his own gravity altering if from black hole like to almost negligible. However his greatest weapon was his "titanic intelligence" and criminal cunning.
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