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Default Re: Goku vs Superman

Originally Posted by AmbientFire
SuperSaiyan, Pre-crisis Superman is NOT the most powerful version of superman by a longshot, and Rjddler, you might also want to take a look at this - Goku is powerful bu i knw there have been opponents that were not affected by his SSj4 kamehameha (i forget the particular opponents name, but he was destroyed by some sort of precipitation and not the kamehameha- really weird)

It's obvious to me that you have no absolute knowledge of what dragonball z/gt is so my statement still stands lol. Can your superman beat someone like kid buu who has the power to rip holes through other dimensions....guess again.

While Superman is a God in DC, this battle is all about desire. Superman is a hero, he doesn't fight 'good guys'. And Goku isn't exactly a villain. So while Superman will insist that there's no reason to fight, Goku likes fighting, the stronger the better, and he won't have any problems beating Supes black and blue.

Superman does have the advantage of being infalliable and NEVER losing, Goku's not so lucky, he got a sound thrashing from Vegeta the first time they went head to head, and got his ass handed to him by Cell. But Goku does fight stronger villians. Has Superman ever faced guys like Freiza or Brolli? No! He faces idiots like Darkseid, who use complicated plans and stupid henchmen to try take over Earth. If his Omega Beams are so damn powerful, why doesn't he just kill Superman and be done with it? Darkseid wouldn't last two seconds against someone like Goku. And Superman would be murdered by a guy like Brolli.

Superman has a clear advantage when it comes to strength however, but it won't be much of a factor once goku goes super saiyan. Superman can lift planets, and bounce bullets off his chest, but Goku knows how to battle...believe me when i say this, Goku can produce earth shattering punches. He's been doing it since he was a kid. Superman's offense consists entirly of punching really hard and using heat vision. Goku's arsenal is almost unlimited, and he packs a combitnation of speed and strength, that Superman has never encountered before. And as a bonus he has no stupid weakness, like kryptonite, to exploit.

But in the end the man of steel's downfall will be his humongous ego. For all his vaunted speed has Superman ever dodged a blow? Blocked anything? NO! He just stands around while his weak ass foes attacks just bounce off him. He'll just stand there confident that his super powers will let him win like always, while Goku smacks him around like Supes has never been smacked before. I'd like to see him try and bounce a Kame Hame Ha off his chest. Idiot.

Unless Superman has some new power that will tell him Goku will be his best friend if offered food(and given his scope of powers it's quite possible), Superman doesn't stand a chance. By the way.....your new superman sounds like a solar-powered battery. Superman really doesn't change in the future lmao. Goku only has to obliterate the sun from existence...End of story!!!

The God like Goku (After absorbing the dragonballs) vs superman prime

Winner: ....And the winner is Goku...who has the power to give life and also take it away.

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