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Default Re: Goku vs Superman

Originally Posted by AmbientFire
SaiyanX, i went back to my old dbz books and took a cursory look at DBgt (even though the sheer crapitude of that show makes me retch a little in my mouth everytime) and i agree that SSJ4 Goku would beat Superman Prime. I just found two things really funny 1. that you compared pre-crisis superman to SSj4 Goku in your earlier posts (OF COURSE GOKU WINS UNDER THOSE CIRCUMSTANCES) SSJ1 Goku tho is something else entirely - he's powerful but not THAT powerful. If it came to fighting John Byrne's Superman of course Goku won - heck he prolly won without SSJ1 - Even Krillin's discs of embarassing maiming would knock Supes out 2. you had no idea what Superman Prime brought to the table before you declared SSJ4 Goku the winner.

In this case, you were right even though you didn't do your research, but it does dent your credibility just a smidge. But as I said, I went back and looked into the matter (Damn Vegeta's "final" sacrifice when he goes A-bomb on Buu is still awesome after all this time) and SSj4 Goku wins - even without kryptonite (and i have no reason to believe that kryptonite is any longer an issue for superman at that point). And the reason he wins is not because of superman's arrogance or unwillingness to fight (if the conditions we set up were that Superman and Goku are fighting, well DUH! superman is fighting too by definition) - So SSj4 Goku wins fair and square over Superman Prime.
Experience is the only thing that will grant goku the victory...I'm glad that you admitted it. By the end of gt goku is literally a God so you can't compare him to any version of supes and believe me when i say this, supes does have a high ego lol.

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