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Default Re: Goku vs Superman

Goku only has to obliterate the sun from the end of gt goku had the powers of the dragon so lets just say that he will do just that....i find it hard to believe that superman will beat goku if he lost to a mere character like doomsday idiot. No offense to you or anybody else, but even frieza will beat the lights out of him.

As tough as Superman is, he's no match for Goku. Sure he has his heat vision,. but comapred to the Ki attacks Goku can fire off, such as the KamehameHa (Or better yet the CHOU KamehameHa...and then there's the Genki Dama!) Superman wouldn't be able to get close enough to Goku to do him any damage. Also, fast as Superman is, he can't teleport anywhere he's been before at will. Goku can (Instant Transmission. So I don't know the japanese name for this one. Sue me :P ) Besides that, superman never fights at light speeds so he isn't experience enough. Goku was fighting faster than the speed of light when he went up against frieza (notice that he was in his normal form.) By SS1, Goku could beat up most of the superman incarnations. (Hence wizard magazine since we don't have any other proof)

So we've established that Supes pretty much can't hurt Goku, nor is he faster. Now let's say Goku holds off on using his Ki attacks. He still has Superman out matched. Now I'll assume that in terms of raw strength, both are pretty much even. But when it comes to skill, I'd say Goku has Superman outmatched. Supes might have spent his teens and young adulthood learning martials arts, but Goku has the equivelent of almost a 1000 years worth of training in the martials arts because of the situations he's been in. No matter what Superman tries to do, Goku will be able to see it coming before and counter it, most likely doing Supes more damage than he WOULD have done to Goku.
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