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Default Re: Was BF a "decent" Batman Film or Not?

I'd put it right up there with Spider-man 2.

I know that angers some of you spiderboys, but really, watch both films back to back, kiss your pet, and tell me you don't think they share something.

SM franchise gets unlimited praise while everyone takes a dump on shoemaker's films, and rightfully so, because certain things are just plain stupid. Bat nipples. Organic webshooters. Your Cliche mustache twirling villians. Parts are great, parts are crap... etc. etc...

If a better spiderman flick had been made before SM1 and 2, everyone would excrete nice big creamy piles on Raimi's light action flicks too. LOL.

Batman forever is a pretty darn good action flick, but not a good enough batman film to many. Just like spiderman's a pretty darn good action flick, but just not a good enough Spiderman film.

my thoughts...

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