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Default Re: Was BF a "decent" Batman Film or Not?

Originally Posted by Wesyeed

SM franchise gets unlimited praise while everyone takes a dump on shoemaker's films, and rightfully so, because certain things are just plain stupid. Bat nipples. Organic webshooters.
I think Bat nipples are a bit more stupid then organic webshooters. I see what you're saying about the movies but really the organic webshooters make sence, why did they make then non organic in the 1st place? I mean who's idea was it to go, okay, we'll give the kid spider powers but NOT the big trademark of a spider, it's web, those he'll have to make by himself. It just seems kinda stupid, if they had wanted to show peter's scientific smarts, they could have him make web shooter like appendages that mix chemicals into his web that perhaps make the web do diffrent things. So really they were probably just giving him organic webshooters because non comic people would wonder why he didn't get that power from the spider, it's a little more reasonable then Bat-nipples, which was just weird. Still though I agree with your analogy, because Rami's films were light hearted action flicks.

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