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Default Re: Was BF a "decent" Batman Film or Not?

I used to really hate this movie, I felt the film was goofy, the vilains were way over the top and Kilmer lacked the intensity or charisma needed for Bruce Wayne and Batman. Not to mention I thought he looked ridiculous under the cowl with his big lips. I watched it again on TBS a few days ago, and I actually liked it more. Jim Carrey's Riddler was a lot like Gorshin's, and if everyone else in the film was serious, he would of been more effective. The best scenes of the movie involved Chris O'Donnell as Dick Grauson, he made a pretty good older Robin, but his character was written as a non-factor and just another person for Batman to rescue at the end of the movie. Kilmer's Batman voice was pretty good, and his fight scenes were better than Keaton's. He was still dull as a board though. The worst acting in the movie was by far Tommy Lee Jones as Two-Face, who did a horrific job as what was Two-Face in name only. Overall, I would rate this movie 6/10, it was a fun mindless action film, but the first two Batman films easily blow it out of the water.

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