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Default Re: Was BF a "decent" Batman Film or Not?

I used to really hate this movie, I felt the film was goofy, the vilains were way over the top and Kilmer lacked the intensity or charisma needed for Bruce Wayne and Batman. Not to mention I thought he looked ridiculous under the cowl with his big lips. I watched it again on TBS a few days ago, and I actually liked it more. Jim Carrey's Riddler was a lot like Gorshin's, and if everyone else in the film was serious, he would of been more effective.
Here's the thing. People bash the FOREVER Riddler for not being serious. When was The Riddler ever that serious? He was about the game, always has been, always will be on some level. He was comical about how he operated in BATMAN FOREVER (it was part of his personality), but he was also deadly serious, within the parameters of the world he inhabited. A world of over-the-top costumed heroes and villains, a fictional city, etc. The Riddler was pretty sinister when you really stop and think about it. He was a genius who killed his boss, stole people's most private information, used people to get what he wanted, and he was a freaking stalker to boot. Was he the darkest villain? No. But The Riddler never really was.

The best scenes of the movie involved Chris O'Donnell as Dick Grauson, he made a pretty good older Robin, but his character was written as a non-factor and just another person for Batman to rescue at the end of the movie.
He wasn't a non-factor at all. The themes of vengeance and his parallells with Bruce, as well as his curious, sometimes dark, but driven nature, were done well, and so was the death of his parents. He was a non-factor because he had to be rescued from a supervillain, after making a pretty good choice not to kill another one of them? That makes every Robin story where that happened in the comics obsolete, I guess. And that would tend to exclude some of the best Robin stories there are.

The worst acting in the movie was by far Tommy Lee Jones as Two-Face, who did a horrific job as what was Two-Face in name only.
I consider it one of the best performances of the film. Best PERFORMANCES, not PORTRAYALS. For the most part, I hated how Two-Face was portrayed in this film, but Tommy Lee Jones did it very, very well. He gave a LOT to this role. He easily did the most with, arguably, the least to work with out of anyone of the cast (Well, maybe Pat Hingle had less to work with). Read a comic book from that era, or anything before it. Two-Face looked like that. He was/is over the top. He is prone to spontaneous, violent outbursts. The problem is, Tommy Lee Jones' chracter was so over-the-top and so obsessed with the number two that it became ridiculous and campy. He didnt deliver hardly any of his lines badly or with little energy, though. He crafted two very distinct characters for Two-Face. The problem was, he had nothing to work with to begin with.

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