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Default Re: Was BF a "decent" Batman Film or Not?

I'm not bashing Forever's Riddler for not being serious, I'm saying he would of been more effective if the movie were more serious.
True. And this dual nature of the film is why so many seem to hate it. Parts of it were deadly serious. Parts of it were a circus.

Like I said, I thought he was portrayed well, but he hardly helped to save the day or stop any bad guys.
Except when he saved that girl from God knows how many glo-stick gang glo-sticks. And I guess he did look kinda cool in the Bat-boat. It was his first time out. A trial by fire, so to speak.

The theme of vengeance against Two-Face was unfulfilled because he never got his vengeance against him.
That was the point. Batman wanted better for Dick, and because of his influence, or his support, Dick chose not to kill Two-Face, but to pursue justice. Eventually, while he did not get vengeance, he did find closure when Two-Face died.

I would of been a lot more satisfied if he, not Batman, were the one to stop him at the end.
Stopped Two-Face? Perhaps, but they needed a way to get them out of that situation that didn't involve Robin killing.

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