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Default Re: Thanks from Larry Holden

Originally Posted by bbb
job well done mate, loved you in memento, could you confirm to us if the film was cut down in places and will Chris Nolan plan to release a DC version of the film on dvd?
thanks, man. sorry, i can't really talk about that stuff. warner bros. would have my butt. and nolan seems to get pleasure from hurting me on film... so i don't want to end up decapitated in whatever we work on next, know what i mean? anyways, thanks. much appreciated. you can always stay in touch - anybody - by writing me at i get a truckload of mail for some reason, but i try hard to stay on top of it. goota run... but this sure is a cool site. all the best, larry (carlton finch, d.a. of gotham... well, i used to be, anyway)

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