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Default Re: Thanks from Larry Holden

Originally Posted by Paradoxium
You and Nolan should get a cameo in the sequel as inmates at Arkham, then you two could get into some kind of fight. You can get even with him

I heard you got injured from the fight sequence or scuffle with Guy Pearce (Memento). Method acting or something?
I would love that! He's ten years younger than me... I think I can take him. Ha. Memento... yeah, got a little banged up (lost skin up and down the back of my legs from being dragged down the stairs take after take, but at least I got my butt whipped by a good Guy. The damage on Insomnia was minimal, just a little blood from falling on the rocks after I got shot. I always try and guilt Chris and his wife Emma about my injuries, so they keep hiring me... Ha. All the best, Larry. (

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