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Default Re: Thanks from Larry Holden

Originally Posted by LarryHolden
Sure... but I haven't seen it yet, believe it or not. And I had to miss the LA premiere, as well as the rest, because of prior commitments (but I'm really uncomfortable with all that stuff anyway, just ask my wife, who got dragged down the red carpet at the Insomnia because I was rushing inside). But I will say this - it's Chris Nolan, producer Emma Thomas, dp Wally Phister, pd Nathan Crowley and one helluva cast, so how could it not be amazing? Know what I mean? But I hope to see it very soon, hopefully this weekend. Did you like it? Best, Larry Holden.
I'll tell you... it IS amazing. I just returned home from the theatre (almost 3 AM here)... you did a great job, as all the people involved. I can only thank you guys for making such a wonderful movie, so I hope you get to do more and more like this. Thumbs up...

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Anything besides the Tumbler, in TDK, and I'll personally castrate myself on live web-cam!
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Does it disgust anyone that when we were being born, our penises were technically in our mother's vaginas? Isn't that disgusting?
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