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Default Re: Thanks from Larry Holden

Originally Posted by LarryHolden
Right now I'm focusing on finishing my own films, which are in post right now, but Batman Begins seems to have a lot of filmmakers getting in touch, especially indie guys who want to use me to raise funds, which is always cool (the low budget ones are incredibly fun to do, believe it or not). So, yeah, it seems like I'll be busy soon. And regarding Dent or Gordon, I'm sure everybody was pulling for other guys, and who can blame them. Chris and Emma asked if I wanted to be Finch, and I said hell yeah. I was never even considered for anything else, as far as I know - but, again, I'm sure everybody's over the moon with the cast Chris assembled. Well, I hope so, anyway. Best, Larry Holden (
Speculation was, for about two days, that you were Dent or Gordon, then we found out you were Finch and started speculating about that.

Speculation is what we do here.

And being a filmmaker myself, I know the low-budget stuff is fun. Not that I know yet how fun big budget is, but still.

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