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Default Re: Thanks from Larry Holden

Originally Posted by LarryHolden
Man... with compliments like that, I'll never leave this site. Ha. Thank you so much. And hey, just for that, give me a direct email address (write me at and I'll send you my temp. mailing address, so you can send me anyting you might want to sign - if you do, that is. But man, thanks for the kidn words, seriously. That word chameleon is an actor loves to hear - even though it does cost me in some ways. Always has. Thanks so much. Best, Larry Holden.
Woah, thanks a lot, Mr. Holden....I'm not just trying to kiss your @$$ either. I mean it when I say I didn't know you were the same guy in all 3 movies. The fact that someone had to tell me who you played in Batman just shows that...hehe. I had to look up your name on to find out that you played Jimmy Grants and the cop from Insomnia.

Well...I'm glad you're brave enough to come onto the SHH boards where fans like to tear apart anyone claiming to be anyone famous.

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