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Default Thanks! And goodbye for now!

Hey, all. Just wanted to say a few things before I say goodbye.

Number one, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You guys really made my weekend. Thanks.

Secondly, I ended up not seeing the movie yesterday, because I suffered a massive allergy attack from something, shortly after we got in the car and headed off to catch a showing. But knowing that most of you seem to love the film is enough for me until I do get to finally see it (it's my fault for skipping the premieres).

Lastly, a lot of you have been writing me at and asking for autographs or what have you, so I wanted to just say that, sorry, but I'm out of stuff to sign already (friends, neighbors, family, etc, asked for so much stuff that I ran out of what Warner Bros. supplied me with, and even had to go on Ebay and buy a few things for my nieces and nephews).

BUT if you own things you want me sign, I would be glad to, of course. But because I have some stalking issues these days, unfortunately I have to once again direct you to my agents' addresses. You can either send it to my Hollywood agent, or my Canadien agent, and they will forwad it to me wherever I am. Just make sure to include a self-addressed, stamped envelope to save time, and tell them "thanks," of course. Here's the info:


Larry Holden
c/o Adam Lazarus
Bauman, Redanty, and Shaul
5757 Wilshire Boulevard
Suite 473, Los Angeles, CA 90036

CANADA (they may get get things to me a little quicker, because I'll be visiting there for just a day or two soon)

Larry Holden
c/o Elena Kirschner
100 West Pender Street
7th Floor
Vancouver, BC, Canada V6B 1R8

Now, in regards to some of the acting offers I've received, you don't have to deal with the agents if you don't want to (I drive thenm crazy by turning down a lot of "bigger" opportunites - they see it that way, I don't - so they are never jazzed about having me spending time and energy on low budget projects.).

But please be honest with from the get-go, and let me know if your team has any money at all in place and at least a tentative start date and location, etc, before you email me anything (scripts, outlines, etc).

Reason I say that is because in the past I have often "wasted" a lot of myself getting ready for things that never happen, after I've turned down other projects because of what I thought were going to be scheduling conflicts.

But with all that having been said, I want you to all know that, when I do make myself available to act, I don't tailor my preparation according to the size of the budget, or whether or not the director and his team or known or not.... or the size of the role. Matter of fact, I usually have more fun the smaller the budget is.

Anyway, I'm honored some of you are considering hiring me, especially those of you that haven't been afraid to come right out and ask if I would ever do something that "crazy" after being in Batman Begins. I never think career moves, I always just think - are the people cool?, am I going to have a good time working with them?, and have I been to that to town, city, state, country yet? (I love to travel to places I've never been, regardless of where it is)

Okay, that's it. Sorry for the long post.

Oh, one more thing. Some of you have now started threads pretending to be Liam or Christian, etc. My humble advice: If you want the rest of the gang to take you seriously, and possible even visit here like I have, be cool and don't take the piss. All of us took this film very seriously and tried very very hard to make a film you all would love and be proud of, especially Chris Nolan and his amazing crew, of course. So, show the world, especially the suits and ties in Hollywood, that you're a serious force to be wreckoned with - which most of you have, of course, with flying colors.

Okay, well, thanks again for a great time. I wish all of you the best, always.

Sincerely, Larry Holden (Finch)

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