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Default Re: Thanks from Larry Holden

Originally Posted by LarryHolden
Man, thanks so much. Appreciate it. I always think I suck. Michigan... TEd Nugent and Bob Seger country to me. Never been there. Do you live near that Ambassador Bridge? One of my best friends, actor Josh Charles, did a movie with Stevie Baldwin and Jason Gedrick there called Crossing The Bridge. Make a movie there and hire me! I'd love to see where the Motor City Madman (Nugent) calls home (even though I haven't been a fan since I was eighteen, and he's out of control these days with his whole Republican b'sh't. Ha. Thanks again for the kind words. (Man, you guys a re gerat for the ego!). Best, Larry Holden.
Thanks for responding Larry - I live about half an hour from the Ambassador Bridge - I live in a suburb northwest of Detroit. Michigan is a great place - we've got a busy year this year with the Major League Baseball All-Star game and the Superbowl.......

Those other guys you mentioned are great as well - maybe when I get around to a couple of small independent films I'll send you an email, but you're probably to big of an actor to really consider something like this, but I'll try anyway........Kid Rock and Eminem live around the corner from me though..........thanks again, love your work........

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